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Terms of Service

General terms and conditions of ANDREA BRINGS / MAKE-UP TO GO


The general terms and conditions aim to achieve a fair balance of interests between the make-up artist and the client / customer.

"Make-up artist" is synonymous with ANDREA BRINGS / MAKE-UP TO GO.

"Client / customer" is someone who has agreed a binding date in person, by telephone, in writing, by e-mail or via the ANDREA BRINGS / MAKE-UP TO GO homepage and in any other way.

The client undertakes to read the terms and conditions carefully and to fully understand them. The following terms and conditions apply to all orders placed. They are deemed to have been agreed if they are not contradicted immediately.


The following general terms and conditions form the basis for the contractual relationship between you and

ANDREA BRINGS / MAKE-UP TO GO on the agreed date for a bridal styling and other stylings.

The subject of the order is the activity of ANDREA BRINGS / MAKE-UP TO GO for the contractually agreed purpose. A contractual relationship comes about exclusively between the make-up artist and his client.


Options are reservations for the work of the make-up artist on a fixed date. The option expires immediately if a firm booking by a third party is possible and the optioned date does not result in a firm booking even after consulting the client with whom the option was agreed.

Fixed booking

A firm booking represents an order that is binding for the make-up artist and the client. In the case of a firm booking, the make-up artist is entitled to the agreed fee in full even if the order is for reasons related to the make-up -Artist is not responsible for, is not carried out or is not carried out to the agreed extent and this has not been communicated in writing at least 3 working days before the agreed date. The make-up artist can be booked or optioned for the services offered at an agreed period by arrangement. Service fees are therefore agreed. If daily or half-day fees have been agreed, the additional working hours will be charged in terms of hours for working times that exceed the booked period.

The hourly rate is € 80.00 for the first hour on site and € 60.00 for each additional hour.

Contractual partner

The contract is concluded with you as the customer and:

Andrea Brings

Zelter Str. 10

41514 Grevenbroich


Tel .: 01 71/4 34 29 13

Email: a.brings (at)


Conclusion of the contract

The contract comes into effect through your binding appointment reservation (trial appointment and wedding stylings on the day of the wedding or other stylings booked) and the booked services.

Subject of the contract

The contract applies to all services booked as well as to services subsequently booked verbally / by telephone or in writing.

These services include bridal styling, bridal makeup, additional hairstyling as well as updos and / or make-up for other people.


Communication takes place via common communication channels such as: telephone, e-mail, messenger (Facebook / Instagram), WhatsApp.

Furthermore, I would like to point out that some of the communication channels mentioned do not fall under the EU GDPR and that data protection in the USA has significant deficiencies compared to the EU.

Prices and terms of payment

The prices can be found in the currently valid price overview.

Additional costs are due for journeys (€ 0.50 per km driven) and if the customer arrives before 8 a.m. (€ 50.00) as well as a surcharge on Sundays and public holidays (€ 50.00). Hair pieces, eyelashes and hair accessories are charged extra.
A deposit must be paid in cash on the day of the trial appointment.

The remaining amount including all other costs (travel costs, additional styling, costs for travel) is due on the day of the final provision of the service (day of the wedding / shooting, etc.).
The make-up artist's fee only covers the services and agreed contractual purposes at the time the contract was concluded.

Until full payment of the fee as well as any incidental and external costs incurred by the make-up artist, any use of the contractually provided service is only permitted after consultation. Advance payments can be made depending on the scope of production.

working hours

The working time begins with the arrival of ANDREA BRINGS / MAKE-UP TO GO at the agreed place of work at the customer at the agreed time. Preparation time counts as working time.

Order cancellation and cancellation fee

The solution from the contract, whether through withdrawal or termination, is only possible for firm bookings for an important reason. If an order that has already started is not completed or the client cancels an order later than 3 days before the agreed date, without the make-up artist being responsible for this, he is entitled to the agreed fee as well as the ancillary and external costs incurred up to that point completely closed.

An order is considered to have started when the make-up artist has started to perform his contractually owed service.

If the booking is canceled, the following rules apply:
3 days before appointment: 100%
7 days before the appointment: 75%
14 days before the appointment: 50%
21 days or more before the appointment: 25%

When you book the services, a fixed time window is kept free for you, which is then no longer available for other customers.

Furthermore, in most cases it is unfortunately not possible to reassign this time slot after cancellation.

If a trial appointment has already been made in the event of cancellation, there is no entitlement to a refund of the deposit due to the work already performed.

If the make-up artist is unable to perform his work due to force majeure, accident or illness or circumstances for which he is not responsible, the make-up artist will do its best to find an adequate replacement. In this case, the make-up artist is not liable for any additional costs or possible damage.
The make-up artist is entitled to terminate an order without notice - even during ongoing production - if the advance payment agreed in the order has not been made in full and on time. He is also entitled to withdraw from the order if the date is postponed.

External and ancillary costs

In the case of a firm booking, the client must bear any third-party and ancillary costs (e.g. material costs, props, styling costs, possibly travel and accommodation costs as well as expenses for orders outside the make-up artist's place of residence according to tax regulations, service fees, etc.) and , depending on the arrangement, to be paid in full or in part to the make-up artist in advance. Otherwise the make-up artist is not obliged to perform his work to the agreed extent. If the originally placed order is expanded, the make-up artist is entitled to separately invoice any additional work performed by him as well as any third-party and ancillary costs.
If no defect is reported by the client during the duration of the order, the order is deemed to be free of defects and fulfilled in accordance with the contract. The fee is due after the end of the order or at the latest at the time of invoicing without any discount.


All ANDREA BRINGS / MAKE-UP TO GO products used have been dermatologically tested. Nevertheless, the compatibility of the products cannot be guaranteed. If the customer knows about intolerances and has his own make-up products that are tailored to him, we will only use them after checking and consulting. In this case, please inform the make-up artist beforehand. For other damage in fulfillment of the order, liability is only given in the event of willful action.

The make-up artist assumes no liability for personal injury or physical damage caused to third parties, nor for damage resulting from the breach of a main performance obligation that is essential for the contractual relationship - unless they are based on gross negligence or willful action. The make-up artist assumes no liability for possible allergic reactions that occur during or after the service due to the products used.

Claims for defects

If the service is flawed, this must be reported immediately after the corresponding styling has been carried out, in order to give the make-up artist the opportunity to take corrective action to the satisfaction of the customer. Later complaints and reimbursement of the fee are void.

Coupons and special offers

The customer can purchase vouchers from ANDREA BRINGS / MAKE-UP TO GO. With the voucher, the buyer acquires credit for services from ANDREA BRINGS / MAKE-UP TO GO. The vouchers can be used by anyone who presents the voucher. A cash payment is generally excluded.

Vouchers are valid for 1 year from the date of issue. Vouchers that are not redeemed within one year (by appointment) have as much value as the service cost when the voucher was issued and not as much as the service cost on the day the voucher was redeemed. If not redeemed, the voucher expires. A voucher can only be exchanged for one of the services offered. It is neither possible to have the equivalent value paid out, nor is the right to cash payment of the unused remaining value of the voucher. The voucher is only valid if it is given on the agreed date.

Special offers are no longer binding if they are not accepted within the specified period.

Use of photos

The customer agrees that photos of the make-up and / or the hairstyle can be taken and that they can be used by me for advertising purposes, for publication on Facebook, Instagram and my website, and as a work sample until further notice. If this is not desired, it can be contradicted in the written agreement and data protection agreement (GDPR).

Severability clause

Subsidiary agreements or agreements deviating from these conditions must be made in writing. If a provision of the contract or these contractual conditions becomes ineffective, this does not affect the effectiveness of the remaining conditions and the contract. Instead of an ineffective provision, that which comes as close as possible to the intended purpose is deemed to have been agreed. The same applies to filling in loopholes in the contract. The law of the Federal Republic of Germany applies as agreed, also for deliveries abroad.

Validity of the general terms and conditions and place of jurisdiction

These general terms and conditions apply with effect from 02/01/2020 until further notice.

The law of the Federal Republic of Germany applies to these general terms and conditions and the entire legal relationship between the client and the contractor, excluding German conflict of laws.

The place of fulfillment and jurisdiction is, as far as legally permissible, the place of business of the make-up artist.

General terms and conditions download as pdf.

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