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Handmade hair accessories

All pieces are unique and lovingly handcrafted.

Artificial pearls in various sizes and colors drawn on silver wire, supplemented by decorative elements in gold, silver or crystal

each headpiece has a unique style.

Textile flowers and colored glass beads enchant with boho chic.

They can be easily and securely looped through the loops with hair clips

End to be attached.

Different lengths and different materials guarantee

the right piece of jewelery for every style.

The prices range between € 24.00 and € 59.00.

Shipping is possible.


Neu im Programm:


Ausgefallene und liebevoll verpackte Geschenkboxen, die jedes Frauenherz höher schlagen lassen.


Nach persönlicher Beratung fülle ich sie mit den wundervollen Make-up Produkten von Backstage, Cosart oder Gerda Spillmann.

Ab 20 ,- Euro

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