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About me ...

"I believe in the big picture and that love wins

Do you have very precise ideas and visions for your new project?

Experience, creative support and careful working methods are important to you?

Do you expect reliable, friendly and individual service?

I am also an individualist and have a wealth of experience and knowledge. Like you, I love challenges in order to support your project and your wishes with creative solutions.

Individual advice and the implementation of your ideas always enjoy top priority.

I impart my extensive knowledge in theory and practice in individual coaching sessions or workshops. I make my wide range of products and extensive equipment available not only for commercial companies but also for private festivities and celebratory occasions.

I am currently very much looking forward to the reopening of my make-up studio in May 2021. There you can expect not only an extraordinary ambience but also service from the field of full-body cosmetics.

I have been writing blog posts on a regular basis since 2019 on topics that I come across in my private and business life. You are cordially invited to smile while reading and to learn more about me and my philosophy.

Chatting a little out of the box.


At a young age, after my apprenticeship with Frank Schnitzler

in Düsseldorf, I've traveled a lot, learned, seen and experienced a lot.

Under the flags of Estèe Lauder, Yves Saint Laurent and Stendhal

I was a beauty consultant, make-up artist and sales manager

traveling in Germany. It was an educational and exciting time

which has supported my development tremendously. It would really go beyond the scope if I were to describe my career in full, I would be happy to answer your questions personally.

We moved from Düsseldorf to Grevenbroich for a little

to have more space for the family and for animals. Grevenbroich is ideally located

in the middle of the cities of Cologne, Düsseldorf and Aachen and so I enjoy

a really large radius of action.

I regularly treat myself to advanced training.

In 2017 I worked at Anne Dargas / Les Allures in Cologne,

2018 at the monster maker Michael Müller / Neuss and

Julia Fratichelli took part in training courses in Giessen, because my motto is:


"Be better every day than the day before".

In 2019 I enjoyed a very inspiring individual coaching with Lydia Gerzen. Together with my customers, I accepted the challenges of 2020 in order to start the new year with confidence.

Make-up and beautiful hair are magical but:


"A smile is the most beautiful make-up a woman can wear. "

This is what customers say ...

(Reviews and recommendations from my Facebook page.)

"Andrea is not only very professional in her work, but

incredibly refreshing and fun in its way. This helps make that

Customers who are nervous and camera shy relax very quickly

and loosen up. It is always a pleasure for me to be with her

to work together as MUA! "

Thanks to Sandra Reitbach, photographer from Mönchengladbach

"With Andrea you just feel that you are in good hands.

She responds to your wishes and skilfully implements them. With her open,

in a relaxed manner, she manages to make you feel good straight away.

She conjures up the perfect make-up, including the

suitable hairstyle for every occasion. "

Thanks to Vanessa W. from Viersen.

"She did my styling for my wedding. She goes completely

on requests and is also just super pleasant. She loosens the

Mood and I have received a lot of compliments. Thank you so much."

Thanks to Saskia P. from Bedburg

"Dear Andrea, you accompanied me wonderfully at my wedding

and also brought in many tips and suggestions.

I felt in good hands. It's just fun with you

and you're always in such a good mood.

The makeup was fantastic and it lasted all day. "

Thanks to Vanessa lF from Erkelenz

"The perfect styling for the wedding. Thank you, Andrea.

You did a great job. Everyone was thrilled. "

Thanks to Johanna Z. from Mönchengladbach

"Thank you Andrea for the great bridal make-up, it was special

and very natural, felt really good. "

Thanks to Nicole S. from Grevenbroich

"Andrea provided me with the best preparation for my wedding ceremony.

I felt very well taken care of and her styling made me shine twice without looking artificial. I am very grateful to her

that she contributed to this wonderful day. "

Thanks to Inga B. from Mönchengladbach

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