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The bride herself!


9 good reasons

To do your bridal styling yourself:

  1. We cannot plan for sure for 2021 either.

  2. You are independent when you move.

  3. No cancellation fee if you reschedule.

  4. Your favorite stylist no longer has a free appointment.

  5. Long searches and trial appointments are no longer necessary.

  6. You are flexible in terms of time on the most beautiful day.

  7. You can take a lot of know-how with you.

  8. In fact, you save time and money.

  9. You can do it! I'll show you how.

  10. With a guarantee of success.

Together we will design your look, tailored to the personality, dress and motto of your wedding. Just bring your existing make-up utensils with you. A person you trust is very welcome and meaningful, because 4 eyes see more than 2 ... and 4 ears hear more than 2. I will go through every single step with you. We take photos, videos and carefully document all products and steps. You can order missing tools from me or I will write down sources of supply for you.

Now your confidante comes into play and enjoys precise instruction on how to make your hairstyle beautiful and durable.

Several variants are also possible on request. We practice on site until it fits. Do you have any questions or don't you dare? Then just call me on 0171 4342913 or send me an email.

PS: don't worry! I've been teaching in the training field for a long time,

a lot of experience and ... it works ... always. Indians' word of honor!

Do you think that is a sensible gift idea? Me too.

That's why I'm offering 3.5 hours for only € 159

- also available as a gift voucher.

In May 2021 I will realize a long-cherished dream and will open a make-up studio in 41516 Kapellen / Erft . Since special circumstances also require special actions, I would like to offer an unusual ambience here. The well-known artist Angelika Bohnen will create an inspiring and varied environment with her expressive pictures from her studio MioMio, and enliven the after -work area with small and fine vernissages. The handcrafted and beautiful bag collection by the designer Fadenspielerin will be added to the range from May onwards. Since I often work on the move in the bridal styling area, I still have space in the 55 square meter shop, spread over 2 levels. Everything is in pristine condition. I am therefore offering an ambitious entrepreneur from the beauty sector, such as wrinkle treatment, cosmetics, foot care, nail or eyelash design, space for self-determined work to sublet . A small photo studio is also being planned. We also warmly welcome innovative concepts. The chemistry has to be right, because this is the only way we can be strong and successful together. Free seating is still possible, I am and will remain flexible, as always. If you feel addressed, we should get to know each other. I answer all questions without obligation in advance by phone 0171 4342913

Quick coaching for professionals ...

Time for inspiration, technology and creativity.  

The lock-down has shaken us all, cost a lot of strength, money and nerves. Many entrepreneurs from the beauty industry have to reinvent themselves and break new ground. Starting in May, I will be offering 6-hour quick coaching sessions for beauty professionals for your new start. In addition to sales and consulting strategies , you have the opportunity to refine safe make-up techniques or current updos. I work and train very customer-oriented, and therefore I know exactly where there is still potential for optimization at the base, i.e. in day-to-day business.

The kick-offs always take place on Mondays from 12 p.m. to 6.30 p.m. in my studio in Kapellen and cost 299 euros net per person.

The next available dates are June 7th and 28th or July 5th

I would be happy to advise you and your team. Just give me a call on 0171 4342913

Sample work from my individual coaching from November 2019, as well as May and June 2020.

Job application:

Join my team!

Are you a make-up artist, make-up artist, hair stylist or hairdresser?

Are you a newcomer, switch or did you have a longer break?

Are you fresh out of your apprenticeship or make-up school?

I get a lot of customer inquiries every day,

which unfortunately I cannot accept all and would like to pass on to others.

Or I have a larger group to style and with several

Colleagues do this better and better.

If you are reliable, customer-friendly, service-oriented, organized

and are motivated, give me a call

or write me an email .

The basic requirement in my team is the will

to constantly develop, learn and improve.

Then we will not only have a great time, but also satisfied customers.

So, let's go!
I look forward to meeting you!